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4.48 Psychosis in two important festivals

The play directed Luciano and starring the actress Leonor Manso, will be performing on October 15 at 21:00 pm and October 18 at 16:00 pm at the International Festival of Buenos Aires (FIBA) located Cultural Center of Cooperation in Solidarity room. Also, the same work will be presented at the Festival of Mercosur, in Córdoba, on Sunday October 6 and close the Festival.


All full info, here:


International Festival of Buenos Aires: Schedules and synopses

Mercosur Festival: Synopsis submission day


Women Rabbit in San Sebastian

Veronica Chen's film starring Luciano Cáceres, is present at the Festival of San Sebastian in Section Zabaltegi. The film blends genres and esthetic, through all known genres in film. One of the films in the festival Stomp, with full room in different projections.


Full story here: Female Rabbit



The new commitment of Telefe in 2014

The new commitment of Telefé for prime time in 2014 has been YET.

Will star Luciano Cáceres, Joaquin Furriel, Luciano Castro, Peto Menahem, Gloria Carra, Benjamin Amadeo, among others.

It will be under the command of Thomas Yankelevich, content director Telefe.


More information: The Papis with all


Premiere of "Rabbit Woman"

After passing through the San Sebastian Festival, the highly anticipated film "Rabbit Woman" by Veronica Chen reaches its opening day.

On Monday October 28 is the you will enjoy this wonderful film starring Luciano Cáceres, Haien Qiu, Gloria Carra and great cast.


More information here: Debut Female Rabbit

Official Website: Official Website Female Rabbit


Bitter Red Lips in Australia and New Zealand

The film starring Luciano Cáceres and Emme, directed by Gustavo Cova will be attending the Film Festival Australia and New Zealand will take place from October 10th day Wednesday and close on October 16 in Sydney. After this, he moved to Melbourne from 17 to 23 October.

The police caught the Argentine moves now to be known worldwide.


More information here: Information and complete schedule


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