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Luciano Cáceres, film, theater and television actor, theater director. Argentinian. Born in Buenos Aires on January 24th, 1977. He has performed in several films, namely: "Carne de Neón", "La Mosca en la Ceniza" for which he won "Cóndor de Plata award", and "Uno", among others. On television he got the main role in very successfull series such us: "Graduados" that was chosen the best soap opera in 2012, "El Elegido" and "Lo que el tiempo nos dejó" for which he was nominated for his role as supporting actor. 

His father was the owner of a theater called "Theatre Street Corner" and worked in the City, where he met Luciano´s mother.

When he was a little boy, he used to see his father working and he learned the scripts of his works. When Luciano was 11 got the first part in the theater in which he starred "Inherit the Wind", directed by Alejandro Samek.


With regard to their studies, since 1987 he has been training with different drama teachers, such as: Alejandra Boero, Julio Baccaro, Eduardo Riva, Javier Daulte, with whom he studied drama as well as was directed by him on several occasions.






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